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Fiskars X7 Axe Review

Updated: May 1, 2023

The Fiskars X7 Chopping Axe is the first Axe I've ever purchased, and I have to say I was thoroughly impressed. I was drawn to this particular axe due to its portability, and ultralight, durable design. I also thought it would be a good size to throw around and have some fun axe throwing while out bush.

Now lets get into the details!

Despite its small size, this axe is still capable of handling most light to medium-duty chopping tasks, making it a reliable tool for any outdoor enthusiast. So if you're looking for a compact, high-quality axe to take with you on your next adventure, the X7 will not disappoint.

First off, the size of the X7 is perfect for camping. It's compact enough to fit in your pack without taking up too much space, but substantial enough to get the job done when you need it. The 14-inch handle provides a solid grip, even when your hands are wet or sweaty, and the weight distribution is spot on, making it easy to swing and control.

But the real test, of course, is how it performs in the field. And I have to say, the X7 exceeded my expectations. Whether I was splitting kindling or chopping larger pieces of wood for the fire, the blade made quick work of everything I threw at it. The hardened steel blade stayed sharp throughout the trip, and I didn't have to sharpen it once. I did however struggle to split logs with the X7, and would say this is not the best choice if that is your desired function.

Fiskars X7 and X25 - Essential Camp Gear

Check out my review of the Fiskars X25 which is more suitable for splitting logs.

One thing I particularly appreciated about the X7 is how easy it was to carry. The included sheath is well-designed and has a belt loop, so you can keep the hatchet within easy reach at all times. And the sheath also has a handy loop for attaching it to your pack if you prefer.

All in all, I would highly recommend the Fiskars X7 hatchet for any camping or outdoor adventure. It's a durable, reliable tool that will make your time in nature more enjoyable and productive.


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