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About Corey - Founder

Welcome to Essential Camp Gear!

Your go-to destination for all your camping needs!

My name is Corey and I am the creator of this website. As an avid camper and outdoor enthusiast, I understand the importance of having the right gear for a successful camping trip. I’ve been in the same situation of not knowing what essentials you need to make your first outdoor adventure one to remember, my hope is that you can find all your needs, right here!

I believe that camping is one of the best ways to reconnect with nature and spend quality time with loved ones. That’s why I wanted to create a website that provides campers with the best gear on the market, so they can fully enjoy their outdoor experiences.

Essential Camp Gear - Reading a book at Gordon Country by the fire

My Goal

I created this website to provide campers with a wide selection of high-quality and reliable camping gear at competitive prices. I have done extensive research and carefully selected the products featured on my website based on their performance, durability, customer reviews and even some of my own personal experience.

I am always on the lookout for new and innovative camping gear and updating my website with the latest products. I want to ensure that my new and even experience campers have access to the best gear to make their camping trips as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

How I got here

Before creating Essential Camp Gear, I was an avid camper and outdoor enthusiast who struggled to find the right gear for my camping trips. As I gained more experience, I realized the importance of having reliable and high-quality gear to make the most of my outdoor experiences. This inspired me to create Essential Camp Gear, a website that offers trustworthy advice and reviews of camping gear to help others avoid the same struggle I had.

I'm excited to share my passion for camping with you through this website. I hope you find the perfect gear for your next outdoor adventure!


If you have any questions or need assistance, please leave a comment below and I'll be happy to help. Thank you for visiting Essential Camp Gear!


All the best,



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