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Camping is a specialized activity that requires specialized equipment and one of our goals at Essential CampGear is to assist campers with their research into the camping products the require so they can make an informed, educated buying decision. We believe that comparing the key features of specific products is a great way to decide which product is best for you; however, we also know that gathering and synthezing this information is time consuming and can be frustrating. In an effort to releive that stress, we have developed, and are continuing to develop, comparison charts for a vast array of camping products. These comparison charts highlight the most important features of the product and also provide product ratings and pricing (based on information from in a format that allows you quickly analyze the available products and narrow down your product pool of choices.

Our list of charts will continue to grow as we continue to build our site and research more and more products. If you use our comparison charts and product reviews, we believe you will be fully armed to make the most informed decision possible when you decide to purchase your next piece of camping gear.

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Overnight Gear

Sleeping BagsTeton Sports Sleeping BagsComparison chart of sleeping bag features for models from Teton Sports.
TentsTwo Room TentsComparison chart of popular two room tents.
TentsColeman Two Room TentsComparison chart of available two room tents from Coleman.

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