Columbia Reactor Series Sleeping Bag Reviews

Columbia Reactor 15 Sleeping Bag

The Reactor series of sleeping bags by Columbia are available in three different ratings: 15, 25, and 35.

Reactor 15

The Reactor 15 is the coldest-rated bag in the lineup with a temperature rating of 28 degrees F for comfort, 17 degrees F limit, and an extreme rating to -16 degrees F. The 15 is the heaviest of the three bags weighing in at 56 ounces. It is heavier to provide the added warmth for a lower cold rating; however, it is still lightweight enough to be a good backpacking and hiking sleeping bag.

Reactor 25

The Reactor 25 is the middle of the road bag in the series when it comes to the temperature rating. It has a comfort rating to 41 degrees F, a limit rating of 31 degrees F, and an extreme rating to 3 degrees F. The reduction in the amount of the Omni-Heat lining and fill drops the bag’s weight by 10 ounces to 46 ounces.

Reactor 35

The lightest and highest temperature rated bag is the Reactor 35. The temperature rating for the 35 bumps up to 51 degrees F for comfort, 43 degrees F for limit, and 21 degrees for extreme. It is lightest bag in the series with a pack weight of only 35 ounces.

Common Features

All three of the bags in the Reactor series feature Columbia’s proprietary heat system and water-repellent technologies: Omni-Heat and Omni-Shield. The use of these materials creates sleeping bags that are light-weight, warm, comfortable, and resistant to moisture. They also come with a compression sack and have 30D micro ripstop outer shells. These bags are mummy-styled sleeping bags so they are designed to be form-fitting and take up very little space which is perfect for hiking and backpacking. Columbia also offers each one in a regular size and a long size to accommodate taller people over 6′ tall.

Quick Comparison

 Reactor 15Reactor 25Reactor 35
Temperature Rating
Comfort28 Degrees F41 Degrees F51 Degrees F
Limit17 Degrees F31 Degrees F43 Degrees F
Extreme-16 Degrees F3 Degrees F21 Degrees F
Weight56 ounces46 ounces35 ounces
SizeRegular & LongRegular & LongRegular & Long
Price/Comments & Detailsviewviewview


The Columbia Reactor series bags are an overall quality sleeping bag lineup. One of the nice things about these bags is their accurate descriptions. Sometimes, some sleeping bag manufacturers overestimate the effectiveness of their bags when it comes to temperature ratings, but the Reactor bags are spot on with their ratings. Columbia also uses a more detailed rating scale than other manufacturers for their products allowing for more accurate and detailed descriptions. The one downfall to this lineup is the zipper systems. Across all the models, they have a tendency to snag and be somewhat difficult to zip up in comparison to some other bags, but overall it is not a major detractor and snagging zippers is a common problem when it comes to any sleeping bag. If you are looking for a good, moderately priced, mummy-style sleeping bag, the Reactor lineup from Columbia is a good place to start.

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