Columbia Omni-Heat Sleeping Bag Liner

Columbia Omni-Heat Sleeping Bag Liner

Columbia has taken advantage of the lightweight, body-heat retaining properties of their Omni-Heat technology and produced a high quality sleeping bag liner. The liner is perfect for adding some extra warmth to any sleeping bag without a dramatic increase in pack size or weight. This makes the Omni-Heat liner
a great accessory for ultralight backpacking and hiking.

Not only can the liner be used to add warmth, but it can also be used as a sleeping bag itself for those mid-summer trips where temperatures are warm enough to reduce the need to carry heavier sleeping bags.

The liner has a nylon exterior shell that allows it easily slip inside a larger bag and the interior Omni-Heat lining is warm and cozy. It is available in an 84″ length and a longer version that measures 90″ and comes with a compression sack for storage.

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The Omni-Heat sleeping bag liner can be paired with other Columbia sleeping bags like the Reactor and Radiator lines, but it also works with almost any other sleeping bag as well.

The liner is priced higher that more generic ones, but is in line with other high-quality sleeping bag liners made of silk and other materials.

If there is one drawback to the Columbia liner, it is the lack of a zipper. Without a zipper it can be difficult to get in and out of the liner with ease, but even so, this is not a huge detraction from the overall quality of the liner.

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